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If You’re a Homemaker, 7-Eleven Wants to Pay You for Working at Your Own Time!



Source: 7-Eleven
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Does your mum sometimes grumble or whine about how bored she is at home alone? If you think about it, it is rather lonely for anyone to be home alone the entire day, without having anyone to talk to and just keeping themselves busy by doing housework 24/7. Appreciate your mum guys! 

Well, here’s a perfect solution for any homemakers you know, be it your mum or even neighbourhood aunties that are keen on earning some money on their free time! That’s because 7-Eleven Malaysia has introduced the P40+ Programme for budding homemakers or housewives to earn extra income on their own time. Yep, you call the shots! 😉

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According to 7-Eleven’s official website, the 7-Eleven Malaysia P40+ Programme provides flexible working hours/shifts, and pays an hourly salary of RM7 per hour. That’s higher than the average market rate of RM6/hour! 

The best part is, housemakers get the chance to work at the store that is nearest to their homes! Hence, you don’t have to worry about transportation issues. Can save on petrol fees too!

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So, if you know any potential candidates aged between 40 and 65 years old, why not give them a heads up about this job posting? For more info on the job scope, you can contact 7-Eleven Malaysia at 018 – 3711 160 / 018 – 3711 990 via call, WhatsApp or SMS.

Source: 7-Eleven

Earning extra income at your own spare time sounds like a very good idea if you ask me! 


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