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Your Mum’s Clothes Pegs Are Now Being Sold As Earrings For up to RM1,670 at This Online Store



Source: Ambush Designs & Ambush Designs
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The fashion industry has changed dramatically over the years and continues to generate ambitious designs. Some designers’ creations even take inspiration from ordinary things and most of the time, their designs never fail to disappoint us.

Well, it looks like this designer took inspiration from something that’s extremely close to home!

Jewellery brand Ambush has now launched a new earring design that looks exactly like a clothes peg. Yes, exactly like the one that your mum uses while drying out the clothes! It is called the Ambush Nobo clip earring.

This bright orange earring is actually made of brass and features of a clothes peg with the brand’s logo engraved on it.

So, how much does one pair cost? Now, stay calm as the price may give you a heart attack!

The Ambush Nobo clip earring’s price ranges between USD$291.92 and USD $408.30 (approximately between RM1,190 and RM1,670) based on multiple online stores. There is no chain or hook attached to the earrings, all you do is just clip it on your ears. Wei, wasn’t this what we did as kids?!

Have you ever thought clothes pegs would eventually be an inspiration for designers to create earrings? Would you get yourself a pair? Let us know in the comments section!


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