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Young Malaysian Lady Forced to Perform Oral Sex After Getting Her Car Hijacked



Malaysian Lady Got Her Car Hijacked and Forced to Perform Oral Sex - World Of Buzz 1
Source: Carsut and iStockPhoto
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Just today, a 20-year-old lady got her car hijacked by a man and she was then shockingly forced to perform oral sex on him. This horrifying incident happened in Bukit Mertajam, Penang on 18 May.

During the interview with Kwong Wah, the victim known as Gan, told reporters that she had just reached home at 5.45am after having supper with friends. As soon as she opened her car door, a man showed up out of nowhere holding a knife.

According to the victim, the man held her at knife-point and asked her to quietly get in the car while the robber got into the passenger seat. With the knife pointed at her head, Gan was asked to drive away and head somewhere else.

“He said I have a pretty face, and asked me not to scream, or else don’t blame him if something happened to my face,” the victim said.

Once they were outside the residential area, the man ordered her to stop before snatching away her Vivo smartphone. Then he asked her to climb to the backseat and not to try doing anything stupid.

The man then got behind the wheel and drove her to a bank where she was forced to withdraw RM2,000. Since he already got what he came for, the victim pleaded him to let her go and even asked him to return her smartphone.

Surprisingly, the man agreed but warned her against switching on the phone. After that, they got in the car again where she was blindfolded using the clothes in her car. The man then sped off to a dark location, which was 10 minutes away.

Once there, the robber took off her blindfold and went into pervert mode. Apparently, he had unbuttoned his pants and requested her to perform oral sex on him. Of course, the victim was shocked and refused to comply. She then pleaded him to let her go again since he had already taken the money.

After pleading and pleading, luckily the man went soft on her.

“He didn’t force me after that. But he did make a phone call and I couldn’t listen to what he was saying. He asked me to put on the blindfold and he started driving again.”

After climbing to the rear seat, she took off the blindfold and switched on her phone to text her friends for help. She even ignored the robber’s instruction to lay down on the seat.

The man stopped at a traffic light as there were cars in front and next to them. Seizing this opportunity, Gan quickly jumped out of the car to get help from other motorists. The man was shocked and sped off in her car.

It was understood that besides the RM2,000 cash, the victim also lost her Perodua Myvi, a gold ring, a Titus watch, her mother’s passport and an Iphone 7, which she hid under the seat at the beginning of the robbery. Too bad it’s now gone with the car 🙁 At least she’s SAFE!

Next time if you’re out late at night, be very aware of your surroundings, especially for ladies! It really isn’t safe nowadays, even in your own neighbourhood!

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Malaysian Lady Got Her Car Hijacked and Forced to Perform Oral Sex - World Of Buzz

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