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Young Daughter Epically Exposes Own Father Trying to Steal Valuables in KFC



This Daughter Epically Kantoi Her Own Father For Trying to Steal Other's Belongings' at KFC - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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Just yesterday, a netizen named Husna shared a funny yet thought-provoking incident that reflected badly on modern-day parenting. In just 16 hours, her Facebook post has gone viral with over 3,200 shares.

Apparently, she was enjoying her delicious Chizza at a KFC restaurant when her chilli sauce ran out. Luckily, the sauce dispenser was right next to her.

“So, I stood up to take the sauce and without thinking twice, I left my phone, keys and purse on the table, which never left my sight.

“Suddenly, a man from the next table came and took my phone and purse. I immediately called him out and said, ‘Hey, tu saya punya‘ (Hey, that’s mine),” she wrote.

Source: Facebook

The man was shocked and tried to cover up his act by saying, Oh, ingatkan ada orang tinggalkan tadi. Saya pun nak pulangkan kepada kaunter KFC. (Oh, I thought someone left their belongings there. I was about to return them to the KFC counter).”

The man then headed back to his table, which was situated right next to Husna’s. That was when the man’s daughter epically kantoikan (exposed) her own father. She said,

Baba cakap nak curi telefon dengan dompet purple tu bagi adik. Cepat la ambil. (Dad, you said you were going to steal the phone and purple purse for me. Quickly, get it).”

Well, that’s super awkward.

Needless to say, the honest and innocent kid made her parents feel pretty embarrassed; plus, they knew that Husna, who was sitting right beside, could easily hear their kid. However, the parents act don’t know and continued eating.

That was when the kid dropped another bomb.

She said, Cakap nak ambil bagi adik tadi. Nak telefon purple. (You said you’d take it for me earlier. I want the purple phone).”

Young Daughter Epically Exposes Own Father Trying to Steal Valuables in KFC - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

Enough of humiliation, the parents quickly packed up their stuff and left the scene with the child.

Husna continued in her post,

“Maybe the whole thing was my fault for leaving my belongings unattended but what kind of lesson are you teaching your daughter? Is it alright to take another person’s belongings?”

This viral post has since garnered quite some traction among netizens with many criticising the parents for leading their daughter astray. “I can’t imagine what your daughter would become when she grows up, if this is what you teach her at such a young age,” a netizen said.

Just hours ago, Husna changed the visibility of the post to ‘friends only’, since she didn’t expect the status to go super viral. Also, her intention of sharing that incident was merely to remind her friends and family to be more careful with their belongings, and not to humiliate and incriminate anyone.

These parents are certainly the worst role models of all time, and we hope they’d reflect on themselves after this embarrassing incident, so as not to ruin their daughter’s future. 


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