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“X-Ray Pants” Banned In Thailand’s Water Festival



"X-Ray Pants" Banned In Thailand's Water Festival - World Of Buzz
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Featured image source: Coconuts Bangkok

Songkran festival is a tradition celebrated to commemorate their New Year’s Day from 13 to 15 April. The festival is largely known due to its tradition of splashing people with water, and tourists all over the world flock in during this period to take part of the merry celebration.

This year, Chiang Mai officials have placed a ban on ‘X-ray pants’ which are basically bottoms that are fully see-through. X-ray pants were found to be sold in several online stores and it seemed like it was going to be a trend at the huge water festival this year.

“What concerns me is online shops have started selling these X-ray pants on social networks. If people wear these pants alone without underwear, it will be considered public obscenity,” Chiang Mai governor Pawin Chamniprasart said.

But no seriously, good call officers. Spare the internet some revolting images please! 

Pawin added that any daring exhibitionists who goes against the ban and wear these x-ray pants anyway will face prosecution. He also urge merchants not to continue selling these bottoms anymore.

Officials made sure that Songkran would be less sexual as to protect the image of Lanna culture and any clothing that appears suggestive, especially after being soaked in water is banned.

They mentioned that people are encouraged to wear traditional attire instead and “sexy dance moves” and “sexy muscles” would most likely be banned as well!

Let’s hope Songkran is still as wild of a water festival as it is. Minus those X-ray pants of course!

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