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Worm ‘Dancing’ on Raw Chicken at Banana Leaf Restaurant in Bangsar Goes Viral



Viral Video Shows Worm 'Dancing' on Raw Chicken at Famous Banana Leaf in Bangsar - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook
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We thought good food is guaranteed at established and famous restaurants, but that’s not always the case. Here’s proof.

Just hours ago, a short video has emerged on social media and Malaysians were totally disgusted by it. Based on the description of the video, it was said that a customer had ordered a plate of maggie goreng ayam at one of the famous banana leaf restaurants in Bangsar. Hmm… I wonder which one it is.

However, when the food was served, the patron discovered that there was a ‘special ingredient’ on the plate, and that was a maggot. From the six-second video clip, the lively maggot can be seen jovially wriggling on a piece of chicken. Eww…

That’s not the only vile part, because another piece of chicken appeared to be raw as evident in its dark pink centre, which should be white by right.


This video quickly went viral on social media as the incident took place at a popular banana leaf rice restaurant in Bangsar frequented by many.

“Did they use expired ingredients? Otherwise there wouldn’t be maggots,” a netizen said. 

“All the restaurants are the same. It’s good that you spotted this, what about the ones that you don’t see?” another netizen commented. 

So guys, it’s good to take a few minutes to scrutinise your food instead of devouring it when eating out at restaurants. The only person we can fully trust in handling our food is our mum, ain’t that right guys? 

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