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Woman Stabs Her Eye With Eyebrow Pencil While Doing Make-Up in Moving Taxi



Woman Stabs Her Eye With Eyebrow Pencil While Doing Makeup in a Moving Taxi - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Youtube
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When rushing to get to our destination, we sometimes try to apply our make-up in a moving vehicle to save time, right? Well, this practice is not recommended at all because you may end up with severe injuries if you’re as unlucky as this lady!

Source: Youtube

Hastily trying to apply her make-up, a Thai woman ended up in a hospital recently because she accidentally stabbed her left eye with an eyebrow pencil when her taxi crashed into a pick-up truck, according to Coconuts

Beauty (safety) rule number one: Never apply make-up in a moving vehicle! 

A rescue volunteer, Thanabodee Sabbodi explained that the car crash wasn’t too serious but the lady had half of the eyebrow pencil buried in her eye as a result of the accident. Ouch! 

Source: Youtube

He was quoted as saying,

“Her eye was not bleeding but there was some blood, not a lot, running down her nose – since the two organs are so closely connected.”

“She was still conscious when we arrived and could hold a conversation.”

According to Thanabodee, even though she wasn’t bleeding excessively, she still suffered severe pain in her eye. 

FYI, the accident happened on Din Daeng Road, Thailand at approximately 5.30pm. The lady was reportedly on her way to Bangkok’s Pratunam neighbourhood.

Source: Youtube

The lady was then rushed to Rajavithi Hospital where the doctors said that her condition was “not critical” because the pencil only went through the sclera. Phew!

FYI, the sclera is the white part of our eyes, as shown in the picture below.

Thankfully, the doctors managed to remove the eyebrow pencil in a surgery without causing any harm to lady’s left eye. 

As of today (13 June 2018), the lady can fortunately open her eye once again and is expected to regain full sight very soon. Well, she should be thanking her lucky stars as she got away from a predicament that could’ve caused her to go blind! 

Remember ladies, no matter how late you are, perhaps it’s not wise to apply your make-up in a moving vehicle because clearly, it’s a very dangerous habit. Try using a public restroom instead once you’ve arrived at your destination!


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