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Woman Shocked to Find Her Massage Being Livestreamed to Half Naked Man for 30 Mins



Woman Shocked to Find Her Massage Being Livestreamed to Half Naked Man - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Daily Mail & Broadway at Yew
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People often go to spas or massage parlours to relieve themselves from a stressful day at work or to give themselves a little treat, and it’s usually a calm and relaxing time as that’s what massages are supposed to be for.

However, a spa customer in China was horrified to find that there was an extra pair of eyes in the room during her massage session on Monday (6 May).

Identified as Li, the customer was unclothed from the waist up during her massage at the Ziyue Life Spa in Wuhan, Hubei province when she noticed that there was a mobile phone facing her on a table, reported SCMP.

Source: Daily Mail

Picking the phone up, she was horrified to find that the phone was in video chat mode with a half naked man from the waist up on the other end. Upon this discovery, she immediately called the police.

“Police collected evidence and found the video chat was started when I was having the spa. Officers were shocked that the video chat lasted 33:33 minutes. My spa had been livestreamed,” she wrote on a customer review site.

To make matters worse, Li was offered 20,000 yuan (RM12,180) to refrain from telling anyone about what happened as the masseuse was not even 16 years old. He could not be held legally responsible for the intrusion.

However, Li was so extremely upset about how the spa handled the whole incident that she decided to publish the entire ordeal on the Internet.

Chen, an executive of the spa, said that this whole situation was an accident and that the masseuse was just an intern.

She explained that the intern broke the rules when he took his phone into the massage parlour. Apparently, he had been video chatting with a friend before the massage and put the phone down for Li’s massage, conveniently forgetting that his phone was still on video chat until the client heard a noise from the phone.

Chen said the spa and Li had been unable to reach an agreement because she had demanded more compensation than what the spa was offering.

Spas and massage parlours don’t seem to be safe nowadays. If you do visit one, make sure to give the room a quick scan before proceeding with your massage session.


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