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Woman Rips Out ALL Her Eyelashes After Her Hand Accidentally Slipped While Using Lash Curler



Woman Accidentally Rips Out ALL Her Eyelashes After Her Hand Slipped While Curling Them - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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Curling our eyelashes is a very important step in every girl’s makeup routine and it usually involves some mascara and an eyelash curler.

While it is an effortless step for most girls, the idea of clipping all of your eyelashes in a metal contraption is actually quite scary.

I mean, when you hold a scissor-like instrument SO CLOSE to your eye, I’m sure thoughts about clipping your eyelashes off or pulling them out would’ve crossed your mind.

Well, unfortunately, this was exactly what happened to a girl from Bangkok, Thailand.

She shared on her Facebook how her hand had slipped while she was curling her eyelashes, which resulted in ALL of her eyelashes being pulled out by the eyelash curler!!

It’s not certain how the incident actually happened, but I’m assuming that her elbow was leaning on the dressing table while she was curling her eyelashes. She then probably slipped and the sudden movement caused her eyelashes to be ripped out.

Source: Facebook

She shared a photo of her face, with one side of her eye still with all her eyelashes intact and the other side with none at all.

Another photo shows her beloved eyelashes stuck to the eyelash curler, all coated with mascara. The stickiness of the mascara must’ve contributed to how ‘easily’ her eyelashes had come off.

Source: Facebook


Well, let’s just hope her eyelashes are able to grow back normally or she might just have to live with a lashless eye for the rest of her life.


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