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Woman in Puchong Cares For Abandoned Dogs Left Behind by Negligent Owners, Wins Netizens’ Hearts



Woman in Puchong Cares For Abandoned Dogs Left Behind by Negligent Owners, Wins Netizens Hearts - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter
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Faith in humanity truly is restored as netizens sent their praises to a woman in Puchong for feeding two abandoned dogs in her neighbourhood.

On the 17th of May, a Twitter user only known as Hanis (@haaaanishak) posted a video of herself feeding two dogs left abandoned by an owner who has since moved to Kota Kemuning from their Puchong home.

The caption, ‘Apa punya manusia pindah rumah, tinggal anjing kelaparan entah berapa lama. Kesian dia lapar.’ (What kind of person moves away leaving their dogs to starve for not even sure how long. Pity, they’re hungry.)

In the posting that has since garnered over 15,400 retweets and over 10,000 likes from netizens, Hanis further explained that she managed to speak to a neighbour who agreed to help provide water for the dogs under the condition that they do not make noise.

The thread includes two other videos of Hanis bringing food to the dogs, who wag their tails in excitement upon seeing her. Hanis can be seen using a slipper to push the plates of food closer to the dogs as she feared getting bitten. She goes on to explain that the light outside the house may be switched on but the property is empty as the owner has already vacated it. The dogs are considerably excited, quite possibly due to hunger.

Hanis has even made the effort of improvising special serving dishes to make it easier for her to refill the dog’s food as they tended to run away with the plates she originally used.

Hanis also stressed the fact that the owner has family members nearby who come by every once in a while to throw food to the dogs and leave without actually considering the dogs’ long term livelihood.

Unable to stand by and watch, she made calls and sent emails to the Veterinary Services Department, but no one answered. She is insisting on making sure the dogs find a good shelter and has vowed to contact the council to assist in this matter as soon as possible as the premise is starting to smell due to the inability to clean up after the dogs.

She has since received multiple messages asking if she’s open to donations for the dogs’ food but has turned down any monetary contributions as she mentions that she’s capable enough to provide food but needs someone who is willing to feed the dogs during the day as she is only available at night.

Hanis has made it clear in the comments of her posting that she is happy to assist with feeding the dogs and that her religious faith teaches her to help wherever she can when it comes to God’s creations.

If only we had more people in the world like you, Hanis. 


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