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Woman Drops Girl’s Pet Corgi from Sixth Floor, Later Tearfully Apologises



Girl Refuses Woman's Apology Who Allegedly Caused The Death Of Her Corgi - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Source: Sina
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For most of us, our pets mean the world to us and we would go to any extent to protect these domestic creatures. However, what if someone accidentally… or deliberately harms our pet? I’m sure all hell would be unleashed!

Recently, a girl in Chengdu, China very unfortunately lost her dog because another girl shockingly threw her pet Corgi to its death.

About six months ago, Xiao Wu adopted a Corgi, and almost instantaneously, she and her dog became the best of friends. However, much to her dismay, her dog went missing in the month of December. After searching everywhere for her dog, she finally discovered that the Corgi was with another girl, He.

Girl Refuses Woman's Apology After - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Sina

Over the following couple of weeks, He teased and threatened the poor girl, warning her that she would kill, skin, and cook her Corgi if she did not pay random. How despicable can one be?

Like any scared person, Xiao Wu, brought reporters and the police with her as she went to He’s apartment to settle the matter in person, once and for all. Eventually, He was forced to open her door but the poor Corgi was nowhere to be found in her apartment. A devastated Xiao Wun left the apartment only to find her beloved pet fatally wounded from the fall.

Apparently, with the police and reporters at her door, He allegedly panicked and realised that her plan to get a ransom had backfired thus she dropped the Corgi from her sixth-floor apartmentThat is just heart-breaking.

A few days later, the woman extended an apology to Xiao Wu who refused to accept the apology for causing the death of her lost Corgi, reported the Medium.

On Friday, He decided to meet with late dog’s owner, Xiao Wu, at a local police station in the Longquanyi District. The remorseful He proceeded to tearfully apologise for her heinous act. The apology was recorded and uploaded onto social media.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6oBoxsPP84″ /]

Source: Medium

The video was said to have sparked an uproar amongst netizens who were skeptical of He’s apology. Netizens commented saying that He only faked her ‘heartfelt’ apology just so she can avoid the legal punishment that could be given to her.

Later that Friday, Xiao Wu spoke to the Chengdu Business Daily, saying that He had not meant for the dog to plummet to its death for, she claimed, that she had set-up a contraption of rope and cloth to safely lower the Corgi. However, to her horror, the contraption came loose and the dog plunged to the ground.

Girl Refuses Woman's Apology Who Allegedly Caused The Death Of Her Corgi - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Sina

Xioa Wu further disclosed that He wanted to settle this matter privately by offering to compensate the damages she did. Xiao Wu, however, still refused the woman’s apology as she plans to pursue the matter to the court. Good on her part!

Let’s hope the lady get her just desserts!


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