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Woman Dead After Husband Burns Her For Not Bearing Child In Three Years Of Marriage



Woman Dead After Husband Burns Her Alive For Not Bearing Child In Three Years Of Marriage - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: alfawd &TheNewsMinute
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Violence against women is old as the patriarchy. It’s reported almost every day and there’s no need for any statistics for it to be proven at this point. We all know what’s happening. Yet, here’s another case of violence against women that happened for the most trivial reason.

A man burnt his wife in Egypt because she didn’t bear him any child. Never once did he consider that the fault was his or anything else. He just tied her up, doused her with a flammable liquid and set her on fire. He then just calmly just walked out and went to his mother’s house, which was located in the same building.

Source: stepfeed

Look how happy she looks on her wedding day not knowing that she married an animal. The neighbours were the ones who alerted the police about the horrifying incident while the husband just stood on the balcony of his parents’ house. However, by the time the police arrived, it was too late and Aya had already succumbed to her injuries. The husband was immediately apprehended while the police took the neighbours’ statement.

“He constantly beat and berated her in their three years of marriage, constantly calling her infertile.”

Source: alwafdnews

The man is currently being referred to the public prosecutors, who have charged him in the case and the Egyptian people are calling on the authorities to give him the harshest sentence there is.

There’s no forgiving the man for what he did. An extremely heinous and inhumane act like this just reduces our faith in humanity. Or whatever’s left of it.


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