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Woman Angry at Hair Salon For “Bad Service” Threatens to Sue Them For RM1 Million



Woman Threatens To Sue Hair Salon For RM1 Million For Stress Caused And Refuses To Make Payment - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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The amount of thoughtless and inconsiderate people in the world has sadly escalated a lot lately, we sometimes wonder if a cleansing session is needed to balance the sanity of the world.

Recently, a woman who is believed to be Singaporean has recently made a name for herself for her aggressive and outrageous attitude.

Three videos capturing her rude behaviour went viral among local netizens on Facebook. A staff member from the hair salon recorded  the incident which happened in Johor Bahru on March 24. In the video clips, the woman can be seen shouting at the workers and creating a scene at the hair salon.

Woman Threatens To Sue Hair Salon For RM1 Million For Stress Caused And Refuses To Make Payment - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Facebook

According to the netizen, the woman visited the hair salon once in the past to perm her hair, and made numerous complaints throughout her time there. This time, she came for a haircut and dye treatment, and went off without paying just like that.

The workers then rang her up to inquire about when she would pay for her haircut. However, she rudely responded to them by asking, “Do I need to pay you?”. She then returned to the hair salon to give the workers a piece of her mind.

When asked why she refused to pay for the service, which cost RM30, she reasoned that she was not satisfied with the outcome of the service. She shouted that she was very angry, calling the workers “Bloody bastards” in the process. Erm, converting RM30 to Singapore Dollars should be cheap for her, right?

Woman Threatens To Sue Hair Salon For RM1 Million For Stress Caused And Refuses To Make Payment - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: Facebook

She then attempted to call the owner of the hair salon, but only found herself dialing the company contact number. When asked by a worker if she wanted to contact the salon’s owner to bring up the issue, the woman stated she wanted to meet and get the personal contact number of the owner.

The woman then got up from her seat and started hurling remarks, landing her with the nickname, “Million Sister” (百万姐). She reportedly told the salon workers,

“I am extremely unsatisfied. Let me tell you, if you are able to make me this stressed, I will sue you RM1 million for the stress. Yes, I will sue you for RM1 million for the stress! I’m very angry right now.”

“You don’t understand. People can sue a real estate agent for 66 thousand, and sue him for another five million for the stress. Don’t believe me? Just wait until I sue you!” she shouted.

Source: China Press

The other workers at the salon felt helpless. The male worker slouching next to the woman in the video is totally relatable, tbh. 

The best part was, the woman actually called the police, and told them she wanted to sue them. However, the police did not help her and told her that such small disputes were to be settled at the small claim court where she would need to attend hearing sessions. 

At the end of the day, the woman still did not settle her payment after all the commotion. Seriously?

The netizen said the salon owners did not lodge a police report as they had just started business operations in their new shop, and were sad over such treatment from customers. She added that the woman may repeat the same thing in other service outlets, such as restaurants.

“Next time when she visits restaurants to have a meal, she can just blame the incompetency of the chef then, so she can get away by not paying for her meal while feeling righteous,” the netizen wrote.

Local netizens expressed their disbelief over the woman’s behaviour, and criticized her actions towards the hair salon. Some netizens also advised the hair salon to lodge a police report against the woman.

Check out the videos here below:

Working in the service industry is not as easy as you think, so let’s show some respect to them alright?


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