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Woman Accepts RM30,000 from Cheating Husband’s Lover If She Agrees to Split With Him Forever



Woman Sells Husband for RM30,000 to His New Lover Since He Didn't - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Listen to this post:

Lover: “I will pay off all your debts if you give me your husband.”
Woman: “Hmm, okay lah, can.”

Okay, that wasn’t what was actually said between the two women, but can you imagine what the scenario would’ve been like?

Ramya from Karnataka, India agreed to sell her husband to his lover in order to pay off her debts. She discovered that her husband had been cheating on her with his new lover when he started staying over at her house instead of returning home after work, reported The Star.

Source: Complex

Ramya and her husband then quarrelled about the issue. Later, she found her husband’s lover’s house and confronted her about it. They too argued about the matter, during which it was mentioned that Ramya had a lot of debts.

The husband’s lover then offered to help pay off Ramya’s debts if Ramya was willing to separate from her husband. 

Source: Shutterstock

Ramya was shocked at the offer at first, but eventually, she agreed to take the money since her husband was not interested in staying with her anymore.

She demanded 1.7 million rupees (RM100,000) initially, but settled for 500,000 rupees (RM30,000). After that, she left him.

Well, I guess Ramya is now debt-free and also free from the burdens of a cheating husband.


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