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Wife Tries to Stop Cheating Husband By Hiding His Bike Keys, He Brutally Beats Her Up Instead



Source: Twitter
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The lengths women will go through to tolerate a man.

One lady in Indonesia had not only gone above and beyond to tolerate her cheating husband, but unfortunately, she also fell victim to his anger.

Ayundaa (@AyundaaaT_) took to his Twitter account to showcase how badly the lady was beaten after she had hidden her husband’s motorbike keys out of anger over his cheating ways.

Ayundaa wrotes, “Twitter, please do your magic. This is my neighbour after she had been beaten up by her husband, even though her husband was in the wrong for cheating on her, she became the victim. Please help share so that the husband is caught as soon as possible.”

Source: Twitter

The poor lady has apparently been tolerating her husband’s cheating her a while, even allowing him to bring his mistress home with him just so he would spend more time at home. 

Source: Twitter

However, one day, she could not take it anymore and hid his motorbike keys, which caused the man to become unhinged and attack the lady, who is currently still in the hospital, healing from her injuries.

Hopefully the man is caught soon and put behind bars for his disgusting actions.

Ayundaa’s posting has since garnered over 35,400 retweets.

We hope she has a speedy recovery and dumps him as fast as possible. 


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