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Wife Kena Kantoi for Having Affair After DNA Test Shows Her Twins Have Different Dads



Source: First Cry Parenting & National Post
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Seems like this mother right here is in big trouble!

According to Mirrror UK, a mother’s secret affair of having a one-night stand was exposed after a DNA test shockingly revealed that her two babies, despite being twins, each have a different father. Eh?

The woman who resides in Xiamen, China had requested to conduct a paternity test with her husband in order to put both their twin boys on the city’s household register.

Mother Exposed Having One-Night Stand With Lover After DNA Test Reveals Her Twins Had Two Different Fathers - WORLD OF BUZZ

For illustration purposes only | Source: First Cry Parenting

However, things weren’t as expected when the results came out – that’s because it revealed that one of the boys is not the father’s biological son. Jeng jeng jeng! 

It was also reported that the woman’s husband had always been suspicious as to why their twins, though born at the same time, did not look alike at all (though he never thought that he was never their father). Apparently, they had very different facial features – from the eyes, nose and mouth – with one boy having no resemblance at all to the father.

The paternity test done by Fujian Zhengtai Judicial Authentication Center in Xiamen in East China’s Fujian Province had caused a heated argument between the couple. The wife then began accusing her husband of tampering with the test results while the husband was seeking the truth from his wife too.

Eventually, the mother-of-two came clean and confessed that she had a one-night-stand with another man. The truth is out! 

For illustration purposes only | Source: Daily Stormer

Now, you may wonder how a mother can deliver two babies at the same time with each baby having a different father. Turns out, this is considered a rare case and is called super-fecundation, where “two eggs are fertilised during the same cycle by two different fathers”, explained Authentication Center’s director, Zhang.

In simpler terms, this means that the mother would’ve slept with her other lover just hours or few days after having intercourse with her husband – and all this would be during the same fertility window.

Zhang said, “This is a very special case. It means that the woman had sexual relations with two men – and was impregnated by them at the same time.”

Hence, this makes the babies fraternal twins and it was reported that the couple had settled this issue on their own.

As for the husband, he said, “I obviously still want my own child, but I’m unwilling to raise someone else’s child.”

Mother Exposed Having One-Night Stand With Lover After DNA Test Reveals Her Twins Had Two Different Fathers - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

For illustration purposes only | Source: National Post

Well, what a surprise for the husband! What would you do if you found out that your partner had cheated via a DNA test? Would you take care of the baby as your own?


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