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Watch: Video Leaked of China Official Trying To Take Off Girl’s Clothes



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Short videos of a Jiangsu village official were leaked online showing the man playfully mingling with a girl while touching her body.

The chinese civil servant has now been suspended by the Rugao County Discipline Inspection Commission for further investigation.

Apparently, the horny old man is already married with a wife and kids.

One Chinese netizen commented saying, “I bet the wife was less than thrilled to find out about the mistress this way.”


A total of 3 videos were circulated online, each being about 1 minute 20 secs, 2 minute 20 secs and 44 secs in length respectively.

The man wasn’t alone in his perverted endeavour. In the video, two other men can be spotted, also trying to sneak a little peak of more than what she was showing.



The girl who laughed along with the man’s perverted acts has netizens speculating her as a prostitute. She seemed more than willing to ‘play’ along with him.




In the second video, the chinese civil servant even traps her between his laps and the both continue with their fondling. His two other friends tried to get in on the action by unzipping her pants and tries to expose her buttocks.



Watch the videos here:

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