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WATCH: This Australian Expertly Opens Delicious Malaysian Durian



Watch: This Angmoh Can Open A Durian Better Than You - WORLD OF BUZZ 4
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It is a well-known fact that Malaysians love durian. Well, most of us anyway. The best durians are also from Malaysia after all. Basically, if durian was a person, it would already be a minister by now.

With the love of durian, comes the sense of protectiveness we have over it and most of the time, we are triggered by how ill-mannered the sacred fruit is treated by foreigners who view durian as exotic and weird.

From the way they look at the fruit to how they squirm before taking a bite of the durian ‘s delicious flesh, we Malaysians will always be either angry or dumbfounded by how their reactions.

But finally, we can safely say, there is one Ang Moh other than the mayor of Adelaide that has made us proud. He’s Simon and he’s Australian as well. He works at Fruity Fruits 88, a fruit store in South Australia and he’s gone viral after showcasing his durian-opening skill while introducing the store’s “Australian durians”.

In the video, he even shared steps to open the king of fruits. He said,

“To open it, you just find the end here and then you can pry it open. As you pull it apart, every piece, you will have some beautiful fresh meat… Oh my God, this is gorgeous. Now that’s beautiful.” 

Although the durians were grown in Darwin, Simon mentioned that they are of Malaysian origin.

You can watch the full video here:

Fresh Australian durian just arrivedCheck out this videoOnly $27.88kgFruity fruits56 hanson rdWoodville

Posted by Fruity Fruits 88 on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Simon ended the video like a typical Malaysian, enjoying the fruits of his labour, in this case, meaty and delicious durian flesh.

Thank you, Simon, for helping to spread the love of durians to your neighbourhood. Hopefully one day you can come to Malaysia and taste the durians here too!

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Watch: This Angmoh Can Open A Durian Better Than You - WORLD OF BUZZ

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