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Watch: M’sian Man Loses Hope After Instagram Filter Keeps Saying He’ll Be Single Forever



Watch: M'sian Man Tried Instagram Filters To Be Told To Stay Single Forever - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter
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If you have a lot of questions, it is probably the time to find some answers. And if you’re a hardcore Instagram user, you would be familiar with the filters taking over Instagram stories that give you the answers to questions you might have asked yourself before.

Whether you want to know which Disney princess you are or what your future career is, those Instagram filters got you covered! And of course, these filters always come with a simple question and give the best answers that you may not have thought of yet.

One of these is the “when are you going to find a girlfriend or boyfriend?” filter.

One guy posted a video of himself trying the filter, only to get a hilarious answer. Twitter user FizieFirdaws47, also known as Mohd Hafizi Firdaus Ridzuan, uploaded a video of himself trying the “When are you going to find a girlfriend or boyfriend?” filter.

The first time he tried it, the filter told him to “Buy a cat because you’re going to be single forever :(“. In all honesty, some of us would probably like that answer. But not Mohd Hafizi.

Source: Twitter

The second time he tried, hoping for a better answer, the filter gave him another painful answer – this time more directly than before.

Source: Twitter

People say third time’s a charm. And so he tried it again, saying that he believed this time around would be different. Much like the world of dating, eh? Sadly, the filter decided to troll him again.

Source: Twitter

At this point, he jokingly accepts his “fate” as a single man, destined to be alone forever. But this does not mean he gave up trying to find a different answer. He tried it again one last time.

Source: Twitter

Based on his reaction, it is safe to say his spirit has been broken by the filter. Although this was an unlucky encounter for him, it was definitely a worthy comedy for netizens. The tweet has garnered 202.4k views, 13.1k retweets and 12.5k likes so far.

We all laughed, but isn’t this somewhat relatable? When you have been single for quite some time and are wishing for a miracle, these Instagram filters are just ain’t it, chief.

On the side note, we hope no one really trusts these filters. Try it for the fun, enjoy it while it lasts.


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