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Watch: Ignorant Malaysians Refuse To Stand Up For ‘Negaraku’, Netizens Enraged



Video: Yet Another Ignorant Malaysian Refuse To Stand Up When Negaraku Is Be - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter

Is this going to be a never-ending problem? We used to do this in school, come on.

This is a basic Malaysian rule, no matter where you are, if our national anthem ‘Negaraku’ is playing, you must stand up.

However, there are people who still abide by this simple gesture of respect and patriotism. Posted on Twitter by @szwie was a video of Malaysians standing to ‘Negaraku’ during the Malaysia vs Indonesia match at a mamak restaurant. Unfortunately, one table decided they would forgo the gesture, instead deciding to relax while huffing away at their vapes.

While this culture of standing up in respect of the national anthem has not always been enforced, more and more Malaysians are doing so to show their pride in our homeland. However, it’s upsetting that some people are just too lazy to just stand for a short two minutes. Your butt was glued onto the seat ke?

“I would feel so sinful if I didn’t stand up when the song plays.”

“What an embarrassment. Even when I went to the stadium yesterday during rehearsals, all Malaysian stood. Every single time.”

Source: Twitter

It’s not that hard. It used to seem trivial but everyone is very well aware of it now, so we can’t turn a blind eye on this matter any more.


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