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Watch How Robbers Try to Smash Car Window at Traffic Light in Bukit Jalil Technology Park



Watch How Robbers Tried to Smash Window at Traffic Light in Bukit Jalil Technology Park - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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Due to the worrying crime rate in our country, most of us know better not to place any bag or valuables on the car passenger seat while driving. However, that still doesn’t stop the culprits from trying to break our car windows to rob us. 

Just last night (23 July), a video has gone viral on Facebook depicting an attempted robbery that happened at a traffic light in front of Technology Park Malaysia in Bukit Jalil. Based on the two-minute video recorded by a dashcam, a Perodua Axia had stopped at the traffic light at about 10am.

Source: Facebook

While waiting for the lights to turn green, suddenly, four culprits on two motorcycles appeared from behind and one of the pillion riders repeatedly punched the front passenger side window for a good seven times. Luckily, the window held up very well and didn’t shatter. The driver must’ve installed a window safety film! 

The robbers then had to give up and fled the scene empty-handed as they were attracting quite a bit of attention from the public. The whole process took place in about seven seconds or less. Here’s the full video.

This video spread like wildfire on Facebook and was even shared across several groups. Netizens began asking for any witness who could share the motorcycles’ number plates since they could not spot them clearly in the video. Some FB users also jokingly inquired about the brand of the window safety film since it successfully withstood seven blows from the culprit.

Unfortunately, such an incident is not shocking anymore in Malaysia as it happens far too often. Some of us actually experienced it before! 

Let’s hope karma finds these guys before they find another victim. Stay safe guys! 


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