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Watch: Grouchy M’sian Boy Trying to Run Away From Home With Tent is the Funniest Thing You’ll See Today



Watch: Little Boy's Failed Attempt To Run Away From Home, Gives The Grouchiest Face Ever - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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What did you do every time you were scolded by a parent?

We’d sulk our faces off until we got the attention we needed. But when that didn’t happen, we oftentimes resorted to punitive measures to get our parent’s attention, which leads to running away from home.

Our bag pack would be filled with cookies for the road and a blanket if it gets cold at night.

It seems that digitalisation has not changed the fact that running away is still an option for kids, for in a video posted by Siakap Keli Press, a little boy can be seen walking down a road with a bag pack and a tent in his hand while a man (presumably a family member of the boy’s) follows him on a motorbike.

Teringat lak min masa kecik2 dulu.. macam ni la merajukknya.. dulu siap bawak biskut meri simpan dlm beg.. hahahahaa 😂😂.Kredit: @fyqasyazana

Posted by Siakap Keli Press on Friday, August 23, 2019

Siakap Keli Press wrote, “Reminded me of when we were younger, sulking just like this with a bag full of Marie biscuits.”

The man on the bike can be heard asking the boy in Bahasa where he was going before trying to convince the boy to hop on the bike so that he can take him home.

But the most adorable thing about the video was the little grouchy side-eye the little boy gave the man at the end of the video!

Somebody give this little boy a hug!

Siakap Keli Press’s posting has since garnered over 6,300 shares.

Let’s hope this boy eventually found his way home! 


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