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Want to Cuti-Cuti Malaysia? Here’s Another Reason for You to Visit Penang



Want to Cuti-Cuti Malaysia? Here's Another Reason for You to Visit Penang - World Of Buzz 5
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Since we’re living in Asia, we already know fairly well that there are many cheap and nice places to visit here and this fact has been proven by tourism experts. A recent article published by MONEY by Time Magazine states that “Asia is one of the best regions to visit if you’re looking to get the most for your travel dollars.” 

Want to Cuti-Cuti Malaysia? Here's Another Reason for You to Visit Penang - World Of Buzz

Source: Evonnz

In their article titled ’10 Amazing Asian Vacations That Won’t Cost a Fortune’, they listed a few destinations in Asia that are worth the flight around the globe from Europe and America, mostly because the cost of flying has gotten cheaper thanks to the low oil prices.

And believe it or not, one of the cities that were listed in the article is none other than our very own Penang! So proud! In the list, Time stated that a week for two in Penang would cost around US$2,699 (approx. RM11,500).

Megan Eaves, Lonely Planet’s North and Central Asia destination editor said, “If you are interested in travelling to this part of the globe, make food a priority. You’re going to have the best food experiences on the street and in small, locally-run family restaurants.” 

Of course, we already know that Penang has some of the best street food around, which is why so many of us like to organise road trips to this little island. Time also highlighted that Penang is chock-full of attractions, which includes sandy beaches, cultural activities and a busy urban centre in the midst of it all. Don’t forget that Georgetown is a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

The process of choosing these top 10 cities weren’t easy either, because MONEY collected 2,000 data points for about 50 of the most popular destinations in Asia. These 10 cities were given scores based on overall budget factors such as airfare prices, accommodation, food and biggest year-over-year price drops.

In addition, other vital tourism factors were taken into consideration such as tourist attractions, food choices, crime rates, weather and public transportation, which influenced the scores as well. Also, only one winner was chosen per country so we should be doubly proud since our Penang got listed!

Other notable cities – with a similar budget – that made it in the list include Xi’An, Hoi An, Chennai, Bali, Chiang Mai, Kathmandu, Siem Reap, Taipei and Luang Prabang. But because we are much nearer to these cities, flying from Malaysia will definitely be much cheaper.

I don’t know about you, but I’m planning my next trip now!

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