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Viral Kid Who Can Speak 15 Languages Gets Invited to Beijing For a Chance to Become a Singer



Viral Kid Who Can Speak 15 Languages Gets Invited to Beijing For Audition to Become Singer - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook / Sinchew
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Remember the kid from Cambodia who stunned the internet with his ability to speak over 10 languages? Well, thanks to the power of social media, he became so famous that his family was invited by a media company to Beijing, China.

According to Sinchew, the 14-year-old kid named Thaksin went viral after he spoke to a Malaysian traveller in multiple languages including Malay, Mandarin, German, French and Thai. The videos spread like wildfire online and even landed him a few interviews with local media.


Source: Facebook

Apparently, Thaksin knows how to speak over 15 languages, which he learnt from tourists while his 11-year-old brother, Tol Tithyya can speak 11 languages. Of all the languages, both of them are particularly fond of Mandarin and they’ve expressed their wish to attend a musical event in Beijing.

Thaksin’s voice piqued the interest of a Chinese media company who then invited Thaksin’s family for a fully-paid trip to Beijing. Besides being interviewed in China, the producer is also giving Thaksin a chance to prove himself on stage. If he is talented in singing, the company will take him in and provide all the training he needs to make him a singer.

Apart from the trip invitation, the siblings also received financial aid and food contribution from the Cambodian Red Cross Society, which will enable the kids to continue their studies. Another local charitable organisation even brought them to a toy shop and let them pick their favourite toys. Remote control cars, footballs and bicycles were brought home that day.

Source: Sinchew

We wish them all the best for their trip to Beijing and hopefully, Thaksin can land a deal with the media company. Good luck! 

Here’s the video of Thaksin switching between multiple languages, in case you missed it. 


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