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Video: Malaysian Man Sexually Harasses Security Guard by Forcefully Trying to Kiss Him



Source: Twitter & Twitter
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Sexual harassment is no joking matter. When instances of it happens, victims are often left with physical and mental trauma that lingers for years to come. Many instances of sexual harassment even go unreported, as the victims are afraid of being shamed!

While we commonly think that women are the targets of sexual harassment cases, there are also instances where men have fallen victim to such crimes. In a viral Tweet by user @_.iqmal, a video clip was uploaded that shows a large, heavyset man overpowering a smaller man as he pins him to a wall and begins to kiss him against his will. Woah, what does he think he’s doing?

The smaller man, who appears to be a security guard, tries to repeatedly shove the other man away as he is kissed. But being far smaller, he could only manage to do so after a third attempt at pushing him off. Visibly distressed, he is later seen wiping tears away from his eyes as the larger man backs away. 

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Netizens have chimed in with their thoughts on the matter, with a number of users mentioning that this is a clear case of sexual harassment while reminding others that not only women fall prey to such horrendous acts. One Twitter user said: “That guard looks like he’s being forced to kiss the man. I feel bad for him!”

Source: Twitter

Another Twitter user chimed in, adding that people shouldn’t make a joke out of sexual harassment cases like this.

Source: Twitter

We have to say that we agree, cases like this shouldn’t be mocked and should be taken seriously. Regardless of gender or sexuality, instances of sexual harassment should be reported so that the instigators can be brought to justice! The Tweet has since been shared over 2.3k times.


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