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[Video] Hamsap Pakcik Strokes Private Part & Presses Crotch Against Unsuspecting Woman



[Video] Hamsap M'sian Man Pleasures Himself Behind Woman & Presses Crotch Against Her - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: YouTube
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This is disgusting!

A man was seen rubbing his penis and pushing it against a woman’s back side while pretending to film something on his phone.

In a video posted on YouTube, a crowd is seen outdoors gathering around some sort of incident or event. The video doesn’t show what is taking place, but it must be something ‘interesting’ enough to gather a crowd of people as a few of them have their phones in their hands, recording the event.

However, most of them do not seem to notice what is happening somewhere at the back of the crowd. A middle-aged man is seen standing behind a young woman with a phone in one hand and his penis in the other. He pretends to record the event, but is actually masturbating behind the woman.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

After rubbing his pants for a few seconds, he pushes his crotch against the woman’s back side before rubbing his pants again. He alternates between these two actions for about one minute, and still no one else seems to realise what is happening, not even the woman. Everyone seems to be too engrossed with whatever is happening in front.

This incident is believed to have happened in Malaysia according to reporting by China Press, but this has not been confirmed. Hopefully the person taking the video did not just stand there and watch, but called the man out for his sickening actions.

Here’s the video:


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