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University Vice Chancellor Advises Students to Murder Classmates If They Have Conflict



'Murder Them, If Possible,' Vice Chancellor Tells Students Who Face Conflicts With Classmates - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Ani News
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The vice chancellor of Purvancal University in Uttar Pradesh, India recently urged his students to “murder” classmates they are in conflict with, instead of complaining to him. According to Reuters, numerous cases of violence have been reported in the state where the university is based.

Speaking at an event in Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday (29 December), vice chancellor Raja Ram Yadav said,

“If you are a student of Purvanchal University, don’t come to me crying.”

Source: Ani News

“If you get into a fight with someone, beat up that person. If possible murder him, we will take care of things after that,” he added, as reported by

Political leaders condemned Yadav’s statement, including Uttar Pradesh minister Sidharth Nath Singh saying Yadav had no right to make such comments, let alone remain as the vice chancellor, Ani News reported.

“What lesson does he want to give to the students by making such a statement?” asked Congress party leader Shailendra Singh, according to Hindustan Times.

Days after being criticised, Yadav claimed the media twisted his statement, saying,

“My statement was intended to motivate students and boost their confidence,” Hindustan Times reported.

“I am firm on my stand. I will keep motivating the students to make them braver in order to deal with the odds and work hard to achieve their goals,” he added after stating his speech was presented out of context.

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