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Uni Student Always Gets Bigger Portion of Pork Chop & Noodles, The Truth Will Make You Cry



Uni Student Always Gets Bigger Portion of Pork Chop and Noodles, The Truth Will Make You Cry - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Why the chicken rice uncle didn’t do this for us when we were in uni? :'( 

Just recently, a poor Taiwanese university student shared in a forum about how he was secretly given a huge portion of noodles and pork chop despite paying the regular price. The real reason behind this act of kindness has made many netizens tear up!

It was understood that the student’s family ran a family business but it had to be closed down due to poor management. The family even had to declare bankruptcy in the end, which plunged the family into poverty. The student, however, did not give up his education.

He worked part-time to cover his tuition fees and would often eat bread to save money. Heart-warmingly, his two roommates sympathised with him and would always find an excuse to buy him a meal. For instance, they would purposely lose a bet so that they would have to belanja him a meal. Definition of true friends yo! 

Of course, the student was aware of his roommates’ strategy, so instead of exposing them, he sneaks outside the room to enjoy his bread every time.

One day, he stumbled upon an old restaurant that sells sizzling pork chop noodles at NT$50 (approx. RM7). He decided to tapao it back to his hostel and later found out that the set came with a free soup and drink. Plus, the pork chop was even bigger than the portion of noodles! I’m salivating already.

In fact, it was so big that it was actually enough for two meals! For this reason, the restaurant became his favourite spot and he even recommended it to his friends. However, when his friends ordered the same dish, they received no drinks nor soup, and the portion appeared to be significantly smaller compared to his. Not fair weyh!

Image for illustration purposes only | Source: Burpple

Desperate to find out the truth, he and his friends ordered the same dish separately and true enough, his portion was way bigger than his friends’. He couldn’t help but to seek clarification from the restaurant owner. Surprisingly, the owner who’s a middle-aged woman apologised to the student and said she didn’t mean to look down on him.

Apparently, the first time she saw him, she had already figured out that he was a poor student based on his old clothes, bag and beaten-up water tumbler. Also, there were two options for the dish and the student would always opt for the cheaper one, which confirmed her assumption that he is not so well-to-do.  

Hence, to avoid hurting his feelings and dignity, she quietly increased the serving size for his meal, hoping that the restaurant would be his go-to place for cheap food. The owner also wants to help the student because she used to be poor at one point in her life, and she wants to make sure the student is well-fed. Ain’t she sweet?

Honestly, we need more food sellers like this kind-hearted woman because we are broke too! Have you ever encountered such a situation back in your uni days? Let us know in the comments! 


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