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Umno Denies Involvement in BN-Sticker Campaign, Says It’s Fake News



Umno Denies Involvement in BN-Sticker Campaign, Says It's Fake News - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: malaysiakini & FB
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The polling date was announced yesterday (10 April) and right now, there is already so much commotion going on, with political parties going all out to fish for votes.

One of the recent stunts involved Federal Territory BN paying drivers RM300 just to plaster the party logo on their cars. In fact, it reportedly happened just a few days before the polling date was even announced! Whoa, they’re pretty quick. 

In case you missed it, BN allegedly hired an agency to handle the event, as reported by Sinchew. Stickers comprising BN’s logo and propaganda would be pasted on both sides of the car doors and the bonnet, for car owners who are interested in getting the cash in exchange for that.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Sinchew managed to interview the person-in-charge, Varrence, who said,

“We will first pay RM150 when we put on the stickers. A photo of the vehicle will then be taken and filed away for future reference. The remaining RM150 will later be paid by 4th May once the participant takes a photo with the vehicle and sends it to us.” 

He added that his agency has nothing to do with the political party, and that it was just pure business between them.

Soon, pictures of cars ‘decorated’ with BN stickers began circulating on social media. Netizens were mocking BN relentlessly on Facebook for being so desperate in exerting their presence in the society.

Source: Facebook

Judging by the netizens’ response, their plan has obviously backfired. And now, they are denying that they’re behind this move. 

“We don’t know who’s behind it,” Federal Territory Umno Youth Chief, Mohd Razlan Muhammad Rafii said while responding to the questions asked by Malaysiakini.

Also, another spokesperson from Umno, Datuk Hishamudin Yahya said,

“This news is not true. BN has never given out such instruction to carry out works like these. This is all the opposition’s plan to confuse the rakyat in the lead up to GE14.”

At the time of writing, no one has stepped forward to identify themselves as the sponsor of the sticker campaign. Hmm… who do you think is behind all of this then? 😛

Anyway, with just 28 days left to the polling day, we reckon Malaysians can expect more stunts from political parties. What do you guys think the next stunt will be?


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