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UMMC Just Performed a Living Liver Transplant for the First Time Ever In M’sia!



PPUM Makes History As The First Local Hospital To Perform Living Liv - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: The Star / Ole Miss
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Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) made history as their team of specialists successfully performed a living-donor liver transplant — a breakthrough for the nation’s healthcare industry.

Before, patients had to be transferred overseas for treatment. This is no longer the case as UMMC now offers similar expertise at a fraction of the cost.

The transplant mentioned involved two paediatric patients at the age of 10 and one, respectively. It took a team of 20 experts from UMMC and seven from Renji Hospital, Shanghai to perform the procedure.

The two children received liver donations from their parents. Thus, a father-son transfer and mother-son transfer procedure took place, giving the two young children new leases in life

The success was also mentioned by @CentGPS and received 1.5k retweets and 1.8k likes.

This is truly an achievement that should be celebrated. The success of the team in UMMC is a sign of how advanced our healthcare is becoming.

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