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Uber Driver Returns Filipino Lady’s Lost Phone with Surprise Flowers and Doughnuts



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Source: Twitter
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This guy really knows how to seize an opportunity if you ask me.

Days ago, a famous Filipino netizen known as CK lost her phone when she was taking an Uber.

Source: Twitter

What the driver did next totally blew her away and she decided to share it on Twitter. Here’s what she said,

“So, I left my phone (in the Uber), but thanks to this very kind Uber driver for returning it to me!”

Instead of just returning the phone, the cute guy even gave her doughnuts and flowers as well! I see what you did there…

The lady was deeply moved by the gesture and tweeted this,

“I’m crying, the Uber driver just gave me flowers!”

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Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Seeing the pictures, her followers sensed that love is in the air and were wondering if they had hit it off. “Did you just have a crush on the Uber driver?” one of her followers commented.

As of now, CK has not revealed anything yet about her relationship status with the Uber driver, and netizens are eagerly waiting for an update or a confession from her.

Uber Driver Returns Lost Phone to Lady, But With Flowers and Doughnuts - World Of Buzz

Give them time la guys, don’t be so kepoh…

While everyone is hoping they would get together, a few skeptical netizens said,

“Do you think this whole thing is scripted? Maybe Uber paid both of them to do this for publicity? I’m just asking by the way,” a netizen said.

“If the guy is not as cute, but as honest and sweet as this Uber driver, would she still post it?” another netizen commented. 

Think positive peeps.

So if you’re returning something to your crush, you know what to do right guys? 😉

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