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Tun M: Tabung Harapan to Stop Accepting Donations in September 2018



Tun M: Tabung Harapan to Stop Taking in Donations in September 2018 - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: NST
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When fellow Malaysians learnt that the country was in serious debt, they reached out to the new government offering monetary help to contribute to solving the RM1.087 trillion debt.

So, the official Tabung Harapan Malaysia fund was set up by the government on 30 May 2018 to protect Malaysians from being cheated by scams and frauds that claim to be the legitimate fund. As of yesterday (29 August 2018), Malaysians have managed to donate a staggering amount of more than RM180 million to the THM fund. Wow! 

However, August will possibly be the last month where Malaysians can donate to Tabung Harapan Malaysia. This is because Tun M just said that the fund will cease accepting donations in the next month (September 2018), reported NST.

Tun M was quoted as saying,

“We had not decided on the date, but maybe by next month.”

Source: NST

He made the comment after he was asked whether or not the fund was really going to be stopped. Nevertheless, Tun M explained that the move to cease the collection was not because some companies were using it as a “lobbying mechanism”.

“It could be, but we are not affected. There was one very big donation from a company that had problems, we refused to accept it,” he said.

Source: Kosmo

Speaking to reporters after attending a roundtable meeting with Aseam Business leaders, Tun M continued,

“It is actually a way of knowing how people love the country, they are willing to sacrifice in order to overcome our problems, money problems. I think it is quite clear, that people who have even small sums are willing to help save the country.”

Do you agree with Tun M?

With that said, if you plan to donate to Tabung Harapan Malaysia, you may want to do so quickly before they stop taking in donations in September 2018. We’d also like to congratulate and thank every Malaysian who has made the effort to donate some money to the fund. Good job, guys!  

What are your thoughts about the government’s move to stop taking in donations for Tabung Harapan Malaysia?


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