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Tun M: “I Make It a Habit to Not Use the Lift, I Prefer Climbing the Stairs”



Tun M: "I Make It a Habit to Not Use the Lift, I Prefer Climbing the Stairs" - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Mahathir Mohamad Blogspot / FikirSeorangFakir Blog
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How many of you used the lift instead of taking the stairs to your office this morning? Well, most of us would probably be guilty of taking the easier way, except our good old man Tun Mahathir who is still going strong running the country at age 93.

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During an interview with Astro Awani, Tun Mahathir revealed that he would constantly gauge his health status through different tests, and his favourite one is none other than by climbing the stairs. If he can climb the stairs, that means he’s still in very good condition.

Despite having a lift in his house, he seldom uses it.

“Until now I still climb the stairs. In my office (Perdana Leadership Foundation), there are 28 steps of stairs to go up. I make it a habit to not use the lift. In our house, we’ve installed a lift, but we don’t often use it. I prefer to climb the stairs,” Tun M said. 

Source: Blog

Besides staying active, Tun M also said he’s very disciplined when it comes to food consumption. He never overeats, and that’s the reason why he can still wear the pants he bought 35 years ago!

In conjunction with Tun M’s 93rd birthday celebration yesterday (10 July 2018), Dr Yahya who had performed heart surgeries twice on Tun M in 1989 and 2007, was invited to interview Malaysia’s sweetest couple.

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Dr Yahya was extremely proud of Tun M as he is still fit enough to run the country at the age of 93. He said,

“I was impressed, Tun. When Lee Hsien Loong (Singapore Prime Minister) visited you recently, I noticed how you walked up the stairs of Perdana Foundation. I’m very proud of you, and you didn’t seem breathless at all.”

Dr Yahya also described Tun M as a “model patient” because he’s a highly disciplined individual who obeys the doctor’s instructions.

“He’s a very disciplined man who takes instructions very well from the doctors. He looks after his diet,” Dr Yahya said. 

So guys, if you want to be as fit as Tun M when you’re in your 90s, start taking the stairs and practise healthy eating! Also, WOB wishes Tun M a happy belated birthday and hopefully he can lead Malaysia to new heights! 


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