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True Fitness Shuts Down Nationwide Without Notice, Strands Gym Members



True Fitness Shuts Down After Malaysian Retiree Paid RM8,000 for Lifetime Membership - World Of Buzz 1
Source: Sinchew
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Just days ago, a well-known gym Malaysia, True Fitness shocked thousand of its members when the branches nationwide ceased operation overnight without prior notice.

Gym goers only found out when they were stranded outside the door with two notices pasted on the door, according to Sinchew.

Based in Singapore, True Fitness initially had five branches in Malaysia but two were closed down last year. It was believed that there were over 80 employees working full time and part time for the company with over a thousand members using their services.

True Fitness has revealed that they are facing financial difficulties and had no choice but to closed down its branches in Malaysia and Thailand, but business remains as usual for the headquarter in Singapore. As such, the company couldn’t refund its members who had signed up for packages in cash.

Many members only discovered the rumours to be true when they personally visited the gym. One of the member known as Lim, was enraged when he learnt the news.

Source: Sinchew

The 57-year-old retiree received his bonus in 2015 and signed up at True Fitness as he wanted a place to workout after retiring. He paid a lump sum of RM8,200 for the lifetime membership. Ouch!

Source: Sinchew

Many others faced the same thing with their deposits and prior payment gone!

The company came out with a so called solution, which was transferring all its members to CHI Fitness, but this arrangement will not involve the outlets in Northern Malaysia, Bangsar outlet and Nexus outlet. That’s not really the best solution isn’t it?

We hope the members can at least get their refund for the packages they’ve signed up for. That’s a lot of money man! 


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