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Trim Those Hair Girls Because Short Is The New Sexy This 2016



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For the longest of time, most girls have kept their hair long because it’s typically associated to ‘sexy’.

Not saying anyhing is wrong with long hair! and yes, they are still sexy, but 2016 is starting a new wave length by cutting it shorter!

Girls, you no longer have to keep your hair forever. Neither would you have to wait a thousands until your hair is finally dry.

Short hair to shoulder length hair is the newest trend among ladies and with good reason too!

Girls all around the world are rocking their newest hair and show off their new shorter hair style. and we have no complains about it!

It is said that short hair gives a lady a more light and refreshing look. Some times a more fun look, or even pull off flirtatious and sexy with some make up.

I mean, look at em! These ladies look mighty fine, and they must’ve got them boys swooning!

Ladies even mix em up a little by giving them colour, highlights and curls.

There were many women who commented how hesitant they were at first about chopping off their precious long curls, but they have no regrets. Especially trying out this wonderful new look!

So ladies, ready to get it chopping?

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