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We Tried McDonald’s New McVeggie Burger and Teh Tarik, But Did We Get Teh-Tarik?



McDonald's Launches New McVeggie and Teh Tarik, Here's Our Honest Review - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Welcome to yet another honest food review by WORLD OF BUZZ! 

First things first, can you relate to the Drake metric system below?

Food Review: - WORLD OF BUZZ

If it’s a yes, then you’d probably feel iffy about McDonald’s new McVeggie Burger, because the patty is actually a veggie patty! But don’t knock it just yet, because we’ve tried it and we’re pleasantly surprised!

At 11am today (1 March 2018), the brand new McVeggie Burger was launched at all stores across the nation along with their new Teh Tarik beverage!

Being food enthusiasts, we knew a taste test would be a must and so, we got ourselves a McVeggie burger and a hot Teh Tarik for RM5.99 under the Mix & Match combo! #Steal

Without further ado, here’s our verdict of the two new items!


1. McVeggie Burger

Food Review: - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Okay, nothing crazy going on here; everything is right where they belong, though they could’ve tucked those lettuce in properly under the bun. Unless you’re a fan of sloppy sauce-drizzled lettuce slices oozing outta your buns. Out of curiosity, we dissected the patty to see what’s inside the patty.

We Tried McDonald's New McVeggie and Teh Tarik, Here's Our Honest Review - WORLD OF BUZZ

We found green peas, onions, carrots and bits of corn enclosed in that crispy breading – exactly what McDonald’s advertised on their website.

We took a bite and right off the bat we could taste the spices inside the patty. Some of us reckoned that it’s turmeric, while others thought it tasted like Samosa. Our Asian taste buds also appreciated the mild spiciness added to the mix, which was somewhat akin to Thai chilli sauce.

We Tried McDonald's New McVeggie and Teh Tarik, Here's Our Honest Review - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Desiblitz

Surprisingly, there’s very minimal ‘vegetable taste’ despite all the veggies inside (brownie points right there), and the peas only added more texture to every bite. In fact, our Editor-in-Chief thought she was biting into McD’s chicken burger at first because the taste!

One thing that sets it apart from the classic double cheeseburger is that the McVeggie feels lighter and healthier. Overall, everyone was pretty surprised (in a good way) by its taste.


2. Teh Tarik

Food Review: - WORLD OF BUZZ 7

While waiting for the food at the cashier, we didn’t see any mamak ‘pulling’ the tea behind the counter, and yet the foam action in this teh tarik is strong!

Upon the first sip, the tea tasted slightly funky and quite similar to BOH Tea. However, most of us at WORLD OF BUZZ weren’t tertarik by it and still prefer the ones served at mamak stalls. In fact, it has a weird aftertaste that lingered in our mouths.

Nevertheless, we gotta give it to them because the sweetness is just nice and there’s no need to mention kurang manis when ordering it.

Since the burger is not as filling as a Big Mac, we reckon this to be more appropriate as a snack for teatime! FYI, the burger is only available from 11am to 3.59am.

Food Review: - WORLD OF BUZZ 4

Final verdict: we’re pretty certain that even your vegetarian friends would love this McVeggie Burger, but we’re afraid we can’t say the same about the Teh Tarik.

Have you tried the new McVeggie Burger or Teh Tarik? Tell us what you think in the comment section! 


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Food Review: - WORLD OF BUZZ 8

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