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We Tried Out These ‘Bak Kut Teh’ Potato Chips and Here’s Our Verdict!



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Yep, you read the title right, it’s not clickbait. ‘Bak kut teh’ potato chips do exist!

Over the years, we’ve tried various flavours of potato chips, but we’ve never come across anything as interesting as ‘bak kut teh‘ potato chips before. Which is why we had to try this out for ourselves!

We got these chips from MiX and immediately have mixed feelings about it because the combination is pretty bizarre! Have you had any food that is ‘bak kut teh’ flavoured before? 

Source: WOB

Priced at RM15.90, it is a bit pricey considering that it only weighs 60grams, just ‘ngam to fill one bowl!

Source: WOB

So, here’s what we think about this interesting fusion!

The chips

They are crispy, well-seasoned and not too oily. Most of them weren’t crushed or crumbled, thus delivering a satisfying crunch!


Source: WOB

The herbal taste of ‘bak kut teh

We were expecting to be blown away by the fragrant smell of ‘bak kut teh‘, but we weren’t.

It’s really not bad, but we just don’t get that satisfying flavour of ‘bak kut teh‘ that we get from the soup. However, the flavour is kind of present in the aftertaste, after you’ve swallowed the chips.

We let our colleagues have a go and most of them agreed that the flavour is quite underwhelming. However, some find that the chips taste more like herbal tea eggs instead of ‘bak kut teh‘!


Source: WOB

In conclusion, the ‘bak kut teh‘ chips do have a distinct herbal taste, but they’re not powerful enough to shake us writers here at WORLD OF BUZZ.

If you’re sick of eating the same old flavour of potato chips, you can try out these non-halal ‘bak kut teh’ chips and tell us what you think!


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