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Tourists Spotted Picking Up Rubbish in Sandakan as M’sians Stood There and Watched



Tourists Spotted Picking Up Rubbish in Sandakan as M'sian Stood There and Watch - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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Keeping our country clean is the simplest way to show our patriotism, yet a lot of us fail to do so. 

Just yesterday (28 February), two pictures went viral on Facebook and Malaysians were deeply embarrassed by them. In the pictures, two foreign tourists can be seen walking around the city of Sandakan and picking up trash.

Source: Facebook

They were carrying a large striped bag to keep all the trash – such as plastic bottles – they found along the way before emptying them at a rubbish bin. A big bag was needed because rubbish could be seen everywhere! Malu wei…

The most shameful thing was that none of the people around them felt compelled to help out. Two guys were spotted just standing there watching the two foreigners clean the riverside.

Source: Facebook

In just 20 hours, this post was shared close to 1,500 times and Malaysian netizens were certainly ashamed of themselves.

“Although I’m not from there (Sandakan), I feel embarrassed just looking at these pictures. Won’t you feel ashamed if these tourists go back to their home country and tell their friends how dirty Malaysia is?” a netizen said.

“I pity these tourists. They came to have a good time in Malaysia but ended up cleaning rubbish because they can’t stand the sight of rubbish floating at the riverbed. Although it is our place that is dirty, they are the ones who are worried about it,” another Facebook user said.

It’s 2018 already guys, let’s change our mentality and strive for a cleaner Malaysia. If we’re honest, this isn’t the first time such things have happened in our country.

Not too long ago, a foreigner who goes by Tim Campbell was spotted cleaning up our waterfall too. Check out the full story below! 


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