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Toilet Paper Is Now Considered A Currency & Luxury Gift Due To It’s High Demand But Low Supply



Source: Facebook & Bloomberg
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Money has always been the thing that makes the world go round. (Yes, I’m sure it’s not gravity.) We work for money, only to live to spend it.

But it was not always this way. There were also the days where we used the barter system, in which we exchanged goods for other goods and it looks like the barter system might be coming back thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak. There is now something more valuable than money itself. Toilet paper.

Netizen Erica Phan took to the Subtle Asian Traits Facebook page to showcase an image taken in a Sydney cafe, where a signage was put up to explain that the cafe was accepting toilet paper as payment for meals and drinks.

Erica wrote, “Meanwhile, in Sydney..”

The signage said, “To my dearest customers, we accept toilet paper rolls instead of money. Thanks.”

In fact, the demand for toilet paper is getting so high, that apparently, people in Hong Kong are giving them away as gifts to significant clients and prizes at company lucky draws, as according to Bloomberg.

“It’s a better gift than wine now,” said Terrence Tan, the head of business development at IG Asia Pte, who sent out toilet paper, masks and other sanitary products to his clients.

Who knows, maybe one day toilet paper may completely overthrow money and become the international currency.

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Source: Facebook
Source: Bloomberg
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