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Toddler Breaks Down in Tears After Mum Threw His Bantal Busuk in the Washing Machine



Toddler Breaks Down In Tears After Mom Threw His Bantal Busuk Into Washing Machine - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Instagram
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For most of us, our bantal busuk is our most prized possession because we simply can’t sleep without it, and it goes without saying that our bantal busuk should never be cleaned under any circumstances. Sadly, this mother decided that hygiene is more important.

Just a few months ago (September 2018), a Korean mother uploaded a funny video of how her baby boy reacted when he shockingly discovered his precious blanket was spinning in the washing machine. That is the most horrifying scene for anyone who truly cherishes their bantal busuk.

Source: Instagram

The toddler was crying out loud while pointing at the blanket. It’s as if the boy was pleading for his mother to stop the washing machine and retrieve the blanket. Amused by the toddler’s reaction, the mother took out her phone and started recording while the helpless boy just kept on crying. Poor boy…

Netizens and most of us at WORLD OF BUZZ genuinely feel the pain for the boy because it takes time to ‘brew’ the smell into the ultimate bantal busuk, and even the texture of the blanket won’t be the same after being washed. Especially the corner of the bantal busuk.

Here’s the video.

We hope that by now, the glorious smell has returned and that incident was the last time the little boy’s mother would ever wash the blanket because it’s just too traumatising to watch. Stay strong, kid! 


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