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TNB Advises Keeping Air Cond Temperature Between 24 & 26 Degrees During Heatwave



Source: NST / Video Blocks
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Take note if you use air conditioning at home or at work! 

Currently, Malaysia is experiencing a heatwave and everyone is feeling quite uncomfortable with the weather. Therefore, many of us will definitely turn to air conditioners to cool our body down and cope with the scorching heat.

However, if you’re the type to lower the temperature to 16 degrees when it’s hot AF, take note: TNB has advised the public to stick to their recommended temperatures.

Source: NST

The Star reported that TNB has advised the public to keep air conditioners at the recommended temperature range of between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius. Take note, guys! 

The utility company explained that if consumers use the recommended temperature, it would prevent “overloading”. On top of that, TNB’s statement shared that there should be regular maintenance for air conditioners.

They also suggested changing older air conditioner models to the new energy-saving ones. Good idea! 

Plus, if you take TNB’s advice, on top of preventing overloading your AC, you’ll also be saving on your electric bill since you won’t be using the AC excessively.

If setting your AC temperature to this range still doesn’t cut it for you in this sweltering weather, read the article below on ways you can survive the heatwave!


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