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This Wedding is So Unique, The Groom Had Lego Buttons & The Bride Had a Broccoli Bouquet



This Couple Used Legos & A Broccoli To Make The Most Unique Wedding Ever - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter
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Every hopeless romantic would have a dream wedding they’ve always wanted since their childhood.

Having said that, I’m not sure if this was what this couple was hoping for.

According to a viral tweet that has garnered over 6,500 retweets, a newly wedded couple was seen using a broccoli in place of the usual bouquet of flowers.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

I guess they’re going to have a very healthy relationship!

The recently married couple became an internet sensation as pictures of their wedding went viral overnight. The broccoli flower that was beautifully decorated with white beads caught everyone’s attention that night as people at the ceremony and on Twitter were bewildered by it. Many also commented on how hilarious it must have been to witness the occurrence. The original poster of the tweet even mentioned,

“Once you’re done with the kenduri, you can use the flower to start cooking.”

He also shared how the groom’s attire was just as unique as he replaced each button of his shirt with lego figurines. How cute! 

Source: Twitter

I guess some people can’t lego of their childhood

However, although many people were smitten by how cute the wedding was, one netizen expressed how unhappy she was about it. She replied the tweet telling the couple that they shouldn’t have done this for the sake of being viral as they will surely regret it in the future.

This Couple Used Legos & A Broccoli To Make The Most Unique Wedding Ever - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Here’s the translation of the tweet:

“If you want to do this to be viral for a day or two, go ahead. But when you look back at your wedding photos, your eyes will definitely be drawn to the broccoli instead. You’ll definitely regret it. By the way, the colour of the broccoli doesn’t even match with the colour of the shirt. It’s just a sudden patch of green. Don’t do things just to be viral. Just get married without any nonsense.”

What do you guys think about this? Do you think this is a cute gesture or is it just a gimmick that was done to become viral? Let us know in the comments section below!

PS: We’re really happy for the newlyweds and we wish them all the best in this new chapter of their life! 


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