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This Viral Red Kebaya Video Scared the Hell Out of Malaysians, But It’s Actually Staged!



WhatsApp Messages Reveal Viral Red Kebaya Video Was Staged - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Earlier this week, Malaysians were freaked out by a viral video that was circulating on social media and messaging apps.

The video in question, which has over 9,000 shares on Facebook, was a dashcam footage showing a mysterious figure clad in a red baju kebaya walking on the side of a road in Kulim. 

The creepy part about this was that she kept re-appearing as the car kept driving down the road!

While some Malaysians were spooked, others were skeptical and thought it was fake and staged.

Now, according to Harian Metro, the video is indeed staged based on a screenshot of a series of text messages that began to circulate online.

The texts, believed to have been sent from the person who originally uploaded the video, pointed out that it was meant to be a joke.

The alleged mastermind behind the video claimed that he planned the 56-second video with a group of friends, and made three to four of them wear the same red kebaya in order to pull it off.

Viral Red Kebaya Video Turns Out to Be A Hoax - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: ismaweb

In light of the video going viral, Kulim District Police Chief Superintendent Ahmad Nasir Jaafar told the daily that there has been no police report regarding the video as of yet, saying,

“We have concluded that the video in question is the result of an individual or group of people who had the intention of scaring motorists who use that road at night.”

“Another similar case happened earlier in January 2018 in Taman Pinang Jaya, Bukit Pinang, where a group of children were dressed as ‘hantu pocong to scare civilians.”

What did you think of the ‘baju kebaya‘ video? Did you believe it was real at first? Let us know in the comments below!


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Viral Red Kebaya Video Turns Out to Be A Hoax - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

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