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This Video About Social Media Vs The Real World Will Leave You In Tears



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A Thai short film titled LALIN posted on 30th August recently started surfacing on social media, gaining up to 650k views on youtube.

LALIN stands for “moon”, and the story is based around a girl which, well, is nicknamed “moon”.

The story talked about her, who always wear a mask over her face and had a very unhappy childhood. Deciding to leave the upsetting memories behind, she ventured to Japan to start anew.

What happens next? Just watch and find out!



The short film’s take on social media is somewhat terrifyingly accurate. I don’t know about you but it gave me goosebumps.

The video starts off by introducing a girl in a mask named Lalin.



She is a net idol in Japan but she tells us it isn’t easy being one.



She tells her story of an unhappy childhood in Thailand, so she decided to further her studies in Japan where no one knows her.



There she discovered beauty apps to make her pictures appear much prettier and she eventually grew fame on instagram.



One day, someone messaged her on Facebook, requesting for her help to translate a book. Since that day, sparks flew.



He eventually surprises her in Japan but she was horrified and didn’t not want to show him what really lies behind that mask she has hid away from so many people.



She tells him she’s not ready and asked him to go away as she shows the audience what’s under that mask of hers.

What happens next, well, will break your heart.


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