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Strangers Willingly Gave Over $5,600,000 For This Amazing Product



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Crowd funding sites such as Kickstarter are a great way to get your project, well, kickstarted, but not everyone can get a successful raised project. In fact, it’s pretty hard.

I mean, how easy is it that strangers are going to give you money right? Unless, of course, people really believe in that product.

This particular product raised almost 300 times over their original $20,000 goal and it’s product is going viral all over the internet.

With over 29k backers, it got $5,600,000 pledged and counting!

Ok la, enough suspense,  here’s what it is.

A jacket?

Yes, but it’s no ordinary jacket. Baubax is THE WORLD’S BEST TRAVEL JACKET and it is the most funded clothing project in crowdfunding history. This jacket comes in 4 designs and has 15 features that make travelling a lot easier. From neck pillow, eye Mask, gloves, earphone holders, drink pocket and tech pockets of all sizes. It looks great, useful and most importantly versatile.

Still not convinced? Watch their video below:



The product will be shipped to backers internationally in November 2015.

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