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This Talented Malaysian Artist Used Shadows To Make Amazing Star Wars Art



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Red Hong Yi strikes again! This time with a Star Wars themed art. This Malaysian artist is known to use unconventional art tools to create art. 

In case you guys didn’t know, Hong Yi first rose to the limelight after her amazing artwork of Jackie Chan made completely from chopsticks! Actually a total of 64,000 chopsticks.


Her truly Malaysia art, Teh Tarik Man made from 20,000 tea bags was just as jaw-opening.


This Star Wars season, Red Hong Yi made Star Wars themed art using random art mediums.

“I’m posting 7 shadow art pieces created by casting one single light source onto objects made of different textures and materials,” she wrote in her instagram post.


She made the star wars logo with pieces of chocolate cookies with rainbow sprinkles.



She also created Master Yoda out of twigs and leaves.



Princess Leia made from pieces of Red Hong Yi’s own jeans.



Red used colourful feathers to create Chewbacca.



Stormtrooper which is made out of white cotton. Who knew Stormtroopers were so fluffy!



R2-D2 that is made out of graphic cards.



Last but not least, Darth Vader made from aluminium foil.


Check out her behind the scene video when creating them!



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