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This Sign Was So Poorly Written, It Left People at Muzium Negara MRT Baffled



Source: NST
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Yet another reason why we should work on our proficiency in English.

Just recently, NST reported that a sign in a public restroom at an MRT station was written in very bad English… or Engrish, as a many would call it.

The sign was found by an NSTP journalist, Sameer Ahmed Shaikh, when he was on the way to the loo at the Muzium Negara MRT station on Thursday (12 April 2018).

The sign’s English was reportedly so bad that it would possibly get every Grammar Nazi’s eyes rolling!

Not only that, Sameer, who was very taken aback by the sign’s English, almost ditched his plan to the loo and wanted to flee back. Wah, that bad! 

Just look at the sign for yourself:

Source: NST

Face-palming so hard right now!

On a serious note, this standard of English is very disappointing to come across. After all, we’re not supposed to have such bad English (come on guys, we can do better!) because according to the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), we hold the 13th place in English Proficiency among 80 other countries on their list. We’re supposed to be pretty good in English guys!

Source: EF EPI

Plus, we also come in second for English proficiency across Asia after Singapore. Hence, given our ranking on the EF EPI list, we’re supposed to be excellent in our English. We need to be a reflection of these standards, not the opposite!

Did you come across this sign when you were at the Muzium Negara MRT station? What do you think of the sign’s horrible English? Looks like someone needs to hire a better copywriter! 


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