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This New Starbucks Store in Taiwan is Made of 29 Shipping Containers & It’s Super Cool!



Source: Shout / Green Building + Architecture
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About three weeks ago, we learnt that Starbucks opened its largest branch in Southeast Asia and they allow you to plant seeds there. Now, sticking to the go-green theme, Starbucks has opened another store in Taiwan and it is made entirely out of recyclable shipping counters, wrote The InsiderTbh, it’s very stunning!

So, this new and innovative store design will make this Taiwan Starbucks outlet the first store in the Asia Pacific to have the entire store made up of 29 white shipping containers.

The innovative 21st-century design is the work of architect Kengo Kuma; the aesthetically-pleasing all-white store has a space of 3,444 square feet and it guarantees maximum comfort. In a press release, Starbucks was quoted as saying,

“From one end of the container, customers can enjoy views of this beautiful mountain range. The other end is decorated with graphics that tell coffee stories.”

Even though the industrial design may appear a bit confined from the outside, it’s actually very cosy and spacious inside! This is because they have a “series of skylights” which allows a healthy amount of natural light to come in. This is a great place to chill!

If you hadn’t noticed from pictures above, the placement of the shipping containers appear to be quite random but it’s actually done on purpose because the design was inspired by the Chinese bucket arch, as shown in the picture below:

Source: Pinterest

Not only that, the designer took inspiration from the leaves and branches of a coffee tree. Thus, the bucket arch of Taiwan’s Starbucks uses stacked beams meanwhile the coffee tree evokes the natural order of organic foliage.

Their press release further elaborated that the geometrical space is a nod towards the “cultural vitality of Hualien”. Their brilliantly coloured wall mural is a tribute the aboriginal Amis people, a community that is deeply rooted in Taiwan’s heritage.

Well, Taiwan Starbucks’ will certainly attract those who love coffee shops with a concept. Having said that, don’t forget to visit Taiwan’s Starbucks outlet for a cuppa coffee when you go vacation there. Now, when will we have something similarly awesome in Malaysia?


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