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This New Restaurant Chain in KL Serves Healthy & Delicious Food That’s Also Affordable!



This New Restaurant Chain in KL Serves Healthy & Delicious Food That's Also Affordable! - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: WORLD OF BUZZ & Agrain
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Over recent years, many of us have become increasingly conscious about the food we eat — where the ingredients are sourced from, how much nutritional value they hold, and even their environmental and economic impacts.

While loads of restaurants and cafes are popping up all over Malaysia to cater to these needs, many of them, unfortunately, cost too much for us to frequent on a regular basis.

That’s why we were pretty eager to check out Agrain, when they invited us at WORLD OF BUZZ to pay a visit and taste their food offerings at their latest branch opening in The Gardens Mall. This restaurant is set out to provide guilt-free meals that don’t break the bank too much. While most salad bars in the Klang Valley carry ingredients that don’t really cater to our local palates and focuses on leafy greens, Agrain by HALE has customisable menus that ensure you get a balanced, healthy, AND delicious meal, all in one bowl.

Agrain - WORLD OF BUZZ 4

Source: WOB

Sounds cool, kan? Well, what’s even cooler is that their customisable bowls come at affordable, fixed prices, starting from RM13.90. Wah, not too bad!

On top of that, Agrain’s bright and pastel-themed decor is an added bonus, making it a great spot for a weekly work lunch (or a healthy weekend brunch with your friends!).

Agrain - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: WOB

Apart from its ambiance, Agrain’s menu boasts a wide variety of delicious ingredients that changes every four to five months so you’ll always have something new to try every once in a while! Its menu is pretty straightforward, and all you have to do is;

  1. Pick a base
  2. Select a protein
  3. Choose supplements
  4. Pick a topping
  5. Choose a dressing 

Source: WOB

Agrain - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Our custom bowl! | Source: WOB

Apart from its customisable menu, you can also order some of their preset bowls which include:


1. The Ultraman

Agrain - WORLD OF BUZZ 8

Photos Provided by Agrain


2. BBQ Chicken Rice

Agrain - WORLD OF BUZZ 5

Photos Provided by Agrain


3. Green Curry Rice

Agrain - WORLD OF BUZZ 6

Photos Provided by Agrain


4. Japanese Soba Bowl 

Agrain - WORLD OF BUZZ 7

Photos Provided by Agrain

So, who says healthy food can’t be both delicious and affordable?

Interested in checking Agrain out and living that #FitLife? Here’s where you can find three of their branches;

Menara Hap Seng 
Lot 1-20, 1st Floor, Menara Hap Seng

Intermark Mall
LC-17, Lower Concourse, Intermark Mall

The Gardens Mall
Suite G.01, Gardens North Tower

Tell us what you think if you’ve tried their healthy bowls! 


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