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This New App Will Automatically Find You a Ride Home for GE14, Just Key in Your Location!



Key In Your Location and This App Will Automatically Find You a Ride Home for GE14 - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Star2 / Play Store
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As the general election fever continues burning, Malaysians all over the country are already searching for cheap tickets or rides to get home by 9 May 2018 for polling day. If you still haven’t found your ride home, we have good news for you – a brand new app has just been created to find you a ride home!

Known as ‘Undi 509’, this smartphone application is already up and running on Google Play and consumers can download it for FREE! Sadly, the Undi 509 app is not available on the App Store, at least not for now. Hurry please! 

After installing the app, all you need to do is just choose whether you’re a driver or passenger before filling up the departure and arrival info. Then, click ‘save’ and you’re done!

Shortly after, the app will notify you once it has found a match for you! It’s really that simple! 

Source: Play Store

The most amazing feature about this app is that it even covers areas in three different countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. This will help voters tremendously, especially for Malaysians who are working overseas in Singapore and Thailand.

The developer has been identified as CK SIOW, and the app has already been downloaded by hundreds of people. So guys, spread the word so that everyone will get a ride home to vote for GE14!

Not all heroes wear capes, some just develop a very useful app to give thousands of others a ride home. CK, if you’re reading this, WORLD OF BUZZ would like to thank you for your effort in creating this brilliant app! 


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